E-Power-Station of the Future

Our German Team

Our expert team has a strong European-Chinese background in modern infrastructures and turnaround-strategies.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Flämig, co-founder of INFRADianba and CEO of the German mother-company has headed the German infrastructure-platform INFRANEU since 1994, with members such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn .

Alexander Yu Li is also co-founder-partner and CEO of INFRADianba, has been a leading member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Germany since its foundation.

Both are diploma-engineers of the Technical University of Berlin (mechanical and electrical engeneering), and partners since 2008. Prof. Flämig has a strong entrepreneurial background (since the 1970’s), and additionally served the public sector for 11 years (final function: secretary of state to the Governing Mayor of Berlin). As an entrepreneurial consultant he semi-privatized  waterworks and successfully flanked the introduction of the privately operated parking space management. One entrepreneurial focus of the previous decade were common new energy joint ventures with China Power International in Germany, and the set up of the 50:50 partnership with Aulton-Dianba. The partners and owners Flämig and Li have received three international awards since 2015.

2015: for their “Green Health City”-conception (WGDO)

2016: for their book “Think further!” (European Parliament)

2019: for their battery-swap-strategy (Hidden Champions Prize).

Dr. Alexander Schmid-Lossberg is the commissioner-general of INFRADianba and a former member in the top-management of the Axel Springer group and the leading international transport-company Kühne & Nagel.

Prof. Dr. Kai Strunz (TU Berlin), an internationally renown expert for efficient smart grid-architectures and the integration of e-grids and e-mobility is also a part of the expert team.

Furthermore the team is supported by professionals like Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hellhammer (former Siemens-manager), Dipl.-Ing. Werner Schönewolf (former Fraunhofer-manager) and R & D-specialist Prof. Dr. André Presse (SRH University Berlin).

For the sectors e-fleet and e-buses Dipl.-Ing. Burkhardt Eberwein will be in charge as responsible project-manager. Communications is managed by attorney Jürgen PranschkeDr. rer. pol. Katharina Flämig, Johannes Arzinger MBA and Dipl.-Ing Helmut Richter. They will be supported by Raimund Hosch, member of the supervisory board and former president of the Berlin Fair Company.